13th April 2012

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Cleanse: Collaboration with Rose-Wine

Fifty souls.  Filled to the brim with hatred.  Overflowin with contempt.  Halfway through the words we wretch on their taste.  Spittin out the consonants to the hard trampled dirt.  How can anyone be so fuckin blind.  To be fooled by those snakes IS to be worthy of death.  Just as much as the liars, the believers will suffer too.  The hunt IS on.  Blood boils in wide veins.  This rage will overcome us if we fail to reach the target.  Clenched fists lust for the impact of violence.  An understandin among us all, has been reached.  We’ll tear each other to shreds if the object of our hate slips our grasp.  Pull the flesh from bones too black to wear the skin of man.  The first wave of death.  To end every life we touch.  The second to emulsify their remains.  Wipe them like shit from the faces of the downtrodden.  And burn it clean. 

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3rd January 2012

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A brief collaboration: rose-wine vs. Cigarettesandleather

Wind rushes through the valley and the trees bend in to meet her. Reachin for a chance to graze the fabric of her dress.  -Cigarettesandleather

In a gasp, her hair curls against her face, a collection of coy giggles rushing in to hide the bashful rosen color unearthed from her cheeks. She yearns in secret, and waits in the silence of the moment.  -rose-wine

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