22nd March 2012

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Silver cover protects the valued heirlooms.  Thoughts of her pour through the filth.  Warmth in a desolate ice field.  The first feelin of ownership in a long homecomin.  Layed out in a pattern for the hidin of secrets. Keep them locked away so that no one can steal them.  Any intruders will suffer the consequences of the darkest hatred stored deep for years.  Let it all spill out and smother the despised.  Discontent aches in the throat like the burn of undiluted bile.  A black scar runs high along the fault line.  Ready to shake the foundation of an ideology Long overdue, this mindset will be crushed from the hearts of the blind.  Distasteful ignorance of the sufferin endured by so many.  His name IS only spoken by those who need him least.  With arms full the downcast eyes look selfishly at the Sun.  Greedy for excess.  Pain accepted at the prospect of more.

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